google analytics plugin for wordpress

Here is the google analytics plugin for wordpress. You have to install this plugin using standard installer.  After installing the plugin you have to set the settings for this plugin. Before adding the settings you have to login to your google account. And after logging in go to google analytics. In google analytics create a new account if you want to add new account. If you already have account and if you want to add this website to it, just add a new property in the selected account.  After adding the property to your account just go back to your wordpress site again.

This time click on the update your profile settings. Here it asks goes to your google analytics account and asks you to grant access to your analytics account. If you allow it to grant access, then the settings page will come and you’ll be allowed to choose the property that you have created in analytics page. Once you have accessed settings and updated, the tracking code gets executed. And tracking starts

Advantages of slideshow using Promoslider in wordpress

Promoslider is one of the best free sliders available for slideshow in wordpress.  Here are some of the advantages of using promoslider

  • You can add slideshow in using shortcode to a page or post.
  • You can add multiple slideshows for a post and page in your desired locations
  • You can add excerpt to be displayed over the images in slideshow
  • You can add categories to slides so that there can be number of ways organize slideshow
  • Adding slides to slideshow is very easy. It is just like adding content
  • Slide image is added by setting a featured image to the slider
  • There are number of options that can be set using the shortcode itself.
  • Thumbnail view is added easily for the slideshow
  • You can set the width and height for the slideshows

This slideshow offers great flexibility compared to other slideshows available

Desk theme in wordpress

Desk theme is a neat theme that can be used for your personal blogs. It makes the posts look like written on a paper on a desk. It offers a sidebar on the right which can be used for adding of widgets you want to display. However there is another advantage with Desk theme too with wordpress.  The desk theme comes with three bottom widgets which can be used to create sitemaps and other contact details as it is increasingly getting popular in the modern sites these days.

This theme may not be so good for websites designed for companies or websites designed to sell commercial products.  This theme is compact

Few twitter accounts that post information about new themes

There are few twitter accounts that normally post information about new themes. This is mentioned here


As soon as I find others I just update them here


There are few twitter accounts that post about jobs on WordPress continuely

I just list few of them here. Whenever I find new ones I’ll update them here.


These post numerous jobs in real time

Adding a shortcode to your wordpress website

You can add a shortcode to your wordpress site very easily using a function

  1. Use the add_shortcode function to register the shortcode function
  2. Define the shortcode function
  3. Return a value in shortcode function to replace the shortcode value


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add_shortcode('Myshortcode', 'shortcode_function');

function shortcode_function($attr){

return "MyShortcode has been replaced by shortcode function";


You can also use functions within a class as shortcode function too. For the just use the shortcode function name as array with first element in array signifying classname and second one defines the class function

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add_shortcode('MyshortcodeinClass', array('MyClass', 'shortcode_function');

class MyClass{
  function shortcode_function($attr){
    return "This is the value returned by the shortcode MyShortCodeinClass";