Advantages of slideshow using Promoslider in wordpress

Promoslider is one of the best free sliders available for slideshow in wordpress.  Here are some of the advantages of using promoslider

  • You can add slideshow in using shortcode to a page or post.
  • You can add multiple slideshows for a post and page in your desired locations
  • You can add excerpt to be displayed over the images in slideshow
  • You can add categories to slides so that there can be number of ways organize slideshow
  • Adding slides to slideshow is very easy. It is just like adding content
  • Slide image is added by setting a featured image to the slider
  • There are number of options that can be set using the shortcode itself.
  • Thumbnail view is added easily for the slideshow
  • You can set the width and height for the slideshows

This slideshow offers great flexibility compared to other slideshows available