Myths about SEO in

We tend to use blogs time to time. It’s a great place to start our own blog and many of us have blogs on it too. One of the things that we disturbed is that why our pages are not displayed when we searched in search engines like google, yahoo and bing. We tend to ask for professional help which most of the times doesn’t do any good.

Here is a great article All About SEO on

I came across which nicely put forward how blogs on are optimized for SEO. We don’t need to be bothered about SEO for blogs on

It exposes the some of the myths as below

  1. I need a plugin for SEO.
  2. I need to regularly submit Sitemaps to Google so it knows I’m blogging regularly.
  3. The more tags and categories I use for a post, the better it is for Google.
  4. Creating several identical sites about sailboats and making frequent use of sailboat-related terminology in my posts will help me get a lot of sailboat-related traffic.
  5. One effective way to improve my blog’s SERP rank is to purchase or exchange links (sometimes known as “backlinks”) with as many bloggers as possible, so that there’s a lot of traffic going to my blog.
  6. SEO requires a strategy and possibly an expert.

Every blogger who is bothered about increasing page ranks should keep in mind these facts